Ocean Communicators United

The "Ocean Communicators United" group is open to anyone who works in marine science communications, whether they are communications specialists working for marine research institutes/universities or project/ programme managers/coordinators working for international (or regional) organisations. In addition, “external” media specialists will be invited to engage with the group, for example to give presentations or advice via the thematic telecons. The only other criteria for joining the group is that the members must be willing to actively participate as follows.

Members are expected to:

(1) Maintain their contact details up-to-date in the shared list
(2) Send relevant communication products to the group (or to a designated person responsible for disseminating to the group) and/or participate in the Linked In group discussions
(3) Propose and lead discussion topics for telecons
(4) Contribute to other joint actions as and when identified and agreed by the group.

The Objectives of Ocean Communicators United are to:

(1) Maintain and share a distribution list of communications points of contact for marine research institutes and international organisations.
(2) Have a permanent presence via the Oceans United website, which provides the terms of reference, lists the members and provides guidelines on joining the group.
(3) Share communications products via e-mail and via social media. The initial focus will be on internal communications (via e-mail, closed LinkedIn group, members’ own Twitter accounts).
(4) Have quarterly on-line meetings to discuss particular topics of mutual interest.
(5) Consider holding in-person meetings alongside other relevant international conferences and events, if manageable.

Members of Ocean Communicators United Group